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Forget Impressions and Clicks

Transactional-based marketing allows you to only spend when you've made a sale. This model allows you to have a predefined returned on ad spend (ROAS). You set the marketing goals, and using cutting edge technology, we help you get there. With over 50% of digital adverting spend being wasted due to complexities such as bot fraud, along with other inefficiencies, our form of transactional marketing ensures every penny spend yields a return.

ProMotion does not require any integration and can be set up to reward your customers seamlessly.

Cool & Amazing Design

Connect to your customers

Exercise and physical activity is extremely satisfying. This is because our brains release "feel-good" chemicals called endorphins.

Clocking up those steps, or closing that ring is extremely satisfying, and this satisfaction has led to a $30 billion wearable trackers market. ProMotion allows you to link your brand to that positive feeling. By rewarding and encouraging an activity which makes your customers feel good, they form a positive behavioural connection to your brand, and are more likely to keep shopping with you.

Real-Time Metrics

ProMotion provides real-time reports regarding the campaign performance and allows all marketers, large or small, to have access to insights. Sales generated, incremental spend and the all-important ROI, can be set and modified on the dashboard. Reports can be viewed from "Day One", as opposed to post-campaign completion.

Stop playing guessing games with your marketing budget, and start spending knowing that each penny comes with a return!

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Real-Time Metrics

ProMotions allows you to choose how many bicycles participate in the campaign, and the length of the campaign, and from this a budget can be set. Budget is only spent as cyclists are on the move, promoting the brands. ProMotion uses cutting edge mapping technology and cycling verification to ensure metrics are readily available. Through this data, brands are able to see an estimated number of impressions, as well as a map of brand exposure.

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Shop at listed stores

Get automatic rewards when you shop at listed stores. To redeem your rewards you have to do absolutely nothing! Pay as you normally would in-store and online, and you’ll earn rewards, as long as you have reached the activity goal.

You focus on getting those steps in, and we will take care of the rest!

Your favorite products want to say "well done"!

Stores have a whole host of different products and brands. These individual brands want to get involved, and reward you too! Products can range from your favourite deodorant, to make-up, to your everyday toothpaste.

To redeem product offers from brands, all you will need to do is upload a picture of the receipt, and you'll have your rewards in your wallet in no time!